The Tantric Way Series 

The Tantric Way 3-week Series

21-day process with Gaia Ma

9 – 29 June 2019

Immerse yourself into a spontaneous and carefully crafted process of exploration & expansion that will allow you to connect intimately with your purpose, lifeforce and deepest truth.

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Love · Evolve · Awaken™ RYT-200 Tantrik Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Love Evolve Awaken YTT200

6 Jul – 8 Aug 2019 – with 4-day Silent Meditation Retreat

3 Sept – 6 Oct 2019 – with 4-day Bhakti Module

From EUR 2599 including 32 nights of accommodation, delicious vegetarian meals, Tantra intro workshop, weekly sauna nights and weekend trips into Tuscan towns & surroundings. Rates going up 6, 3, 2 and 1 month in advance.

One of the longest RYT-200’s in the world with 250h total. Go deep and get empowered for success in your new life as an inspiring yoga instructor.

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5-day Silent Hridaya Meditation Retreat

Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat

20-25 October 2019

Dive deeply into the Spiritual Heart with us for a full week of various meditation techniques, slow Hatha Yoga, inspiring discourses, beautiful Sufi poetry and lots of Silence.


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Would you like to enter a space of Stillness & Contemplation, going deep into your own Heart to find Presence and Truth?

We will sit together immersed in the teachings & practices of Advaita Vedanta, non-duality, the core & destination of all spirituality, evoking Oneness Consciousness directly through the path of the Spiritual Heart.

There will be several sessions of meditation each day, guiding you gently through a number of techniques from Advaita, Kashmiri Shaivism, Tibetan Buddhism and other mystical traditions, complemented by a daily Hatha Yoga session, dharma discourse and plenty of Sufi poetry to inspire us all to go deeper.

Hridaya signifies our Ultimate Nature that we can learn to rest in as the Self that is eternal and invincible.

This retreat if open to both, beginners and seasoned practitioners on the path of meditation.


The tuition of the retreat is by donation, while for accommodation and all vegetarian meals we ask the following:

6-bed shared room: EUR 300

Small private single room: EUR 500

Double room (price for 2 people): EUR 800

Triple room (price for 3 people): EUR 1100

Apply now if you feel the call of the Spiritual Heart.

Partial scholarships available for lowest-income participants.