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Arpita Kshama Devi & Arjuna Dharmadas


Arpita Kshama Devi and Arjuna Dharmadas


Arpita & Arjuna are a European yogi-meditator couple with over three decades of experience in the fields of Traditional Yoga, Theravada Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta and Tantra between us. We both entered our formal spiritual sadhana (practice) through the gateways of Shivananda/Satyananda Yoga and Vipassana in our late teens and have dedicated our lives to the Recognition of One Consciousness and Service towards all beings since.


Our passion is the integration of the mystical with the profane, finding inner peace in the ecstasy of devotion and developing a Heart of Loving Compassion in every present moment.

Arpita & Arjuna
Arpita & Arjuna at Mahadevi Ashram, Guatemala

At the beginning of 2012 we founded Kaivalya Yoga School, which later on expanded into Mahadevi Ashram on the shores of magical Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. We felt a strong guidance towards establishing a European vision and the Inner Peace Sanctuary Tuscany was born out of our love for peace and quiet in the spring of 2018.


Our lives flow between Italy, Guatemala and India where we share authentic wisdom & practice in the Love · Evolve · Awaken™ Yoga Teacher Trainings, Meditation Retreats, different workshops as well as through the power of Kirtan (Ecstatic Mantra Chanting Celebrations).

We pray to serve the Liberation of All Beings.